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Safari Crime by Alex A. King Free Download

Safari Crime by Alex A. King

Book Safari Crime by Alex A. King is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name:Safari Crime by Alex A. King
Format:pdf epub
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About Safari Crime by Alex A. King

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the liars sleep tonight …

Kat Makris is back and drowning in misery. It’s been two weeks since Xander went missing, and the only news is no news. But her fortunes change when she discovers her father is about to launch a one-man expedition to Africa in search of the delicious (and useful) henchman.

Kat’s not about to let her dad go alone—or at all. After a touch of skullduggery, and for excellent reasons (in Kat’s mind), she’s the one hurtling toward Mogadishu in a flying tin can. Unfortunately, she’s bringing along an unwanted sidekick: Dina, her father’s ex, who is sticking to Kat like glue.

Once again, nothing goes to plan, and Kat finds herself on an unexpected goose chase, spiraling across the globe and into the path of a crazy singing general, her least favorite relatives, and a monkey with a penchant for wigs.

Kat’s starting to suspect she’s cursed, or possibly just Greek.

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