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When It Rains by B. Celeste Free Download

When It Rains by B. Celeste

Book When It Rains by B. Celeste is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: When It Rains by B. Celeste
Format: pdf epub
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About When It Rains by B. Celeste

What happens when you become the villain in your own love story?
People say that you never forget your first love, which is probably why I never let go two years after walking away from mine.
So, it’s no surprise that running into him again brought the same rush of emotions that tethered us together by a familiar, invisible bond.
The problem with that connection?
He’s not the only man in my life now.
But no matter how many times I’ve told myself that I’ve moved on from the person that temptation taunts me with, I know it’s not the truth.
Because one look is all it takes to realize I’ve never stopped loving Sebastian Kennedy.
And not even the consequences now could get me to stop.

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