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Advanced Practical Chemistry Free Download

Advanced Practical Chemistry

Book Advanced Practical Chemistry is available to download free in pdf format.

Name: Advanced Practical Chemistry
Format: pdf
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About Advanced Practical Chemistry

1. Laboratory Apparatus and Techniques 2. Separation of Organic Mixtures 3. Systematic Identification of Organic Compounds 4. List of Compounds and Their Derivatives 5. Organic Synthesis 6. Quantitative Analysis 7. Spectrophotometric (UV/VIS) Estimations 8. Extraction of Organic Compounds From Natural Sources 9. Structure Elucidation of Compounds from ITS Spectrum Section- II Physical Chemistry 1. Error Analysis and Statistical Data Analysis 2. Adsorption 3. Phase Equilibria 4. Chemical Kinetics 5. Polarimetry 6. Solutions 7. Electrochemistry Section- III Inorganic Chemistry 1. Analysis of Insoluble Residue 2. Qualitative Analysis of Loss Common ( Rare ) Metals 3. Inorganic Laboratory Preparations 4. Separation and Estimation of Two Metal Ions 5. Chromatography

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