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Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach

Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach

Book Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach is available to download free in pdf format.

Name: Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach
Format: pdf
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About Organic Chemistry An Acid-Base Approach

Based on the premise that many, if not most, reactions in organic chemistry can be explained by variations of fundamental acid-base concepts, Organic Chemistry: An Acid–Base Approach provides a framework for understanding the subject that goes beyond mere memorization. The individual steps in many important mechanisms rely on acid–base reactions, and the ability to see these relationships makes understanding organic chemistry easier. Using several techniques to develop a relational understanding, this textbook helps students fully grasp the essential concepts at the root of organic chemistry.
The reactions and mechanisms contained in the book describe the most fundamental concepts that are used in industry, biological chemistry and biochemistry, molecular biology, and pharmacy. The concepts presented constitute the fundamental basis of life processes, making them critical to the study of medicine. Reflecting this emphasis, most chapters end with a brief section that describes biological applications for each concept. This text provides students with the skills to proceed to the next level of study, offering a fundamental understanding of acids and bases applied to organic transformations and organic molecules.

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