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Physical Chemistry by David Ball

Physical Chemistry by David Ball

Book Physical Chemistry by David Ball is available to download free in pdf format.

Name: Physical Chemistry by David Ball
Format: pdf
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About Physical Chemistry by David Ball

Intended for the year long, calculus-based physical chemistry course for science and engineering majors, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY follows a traditional organization while concentrating on core topics. The text does not cover some higher level topics-for example, photochemistry, molecular beams, thermal physics, and polymers- found in some textbooks, and rarely covered in the undergraduate physical chemistry course, but more fully explains the essential elements of the discipline. Written by a dedicated chemical educator and researcher, this text is intended for those students who are trying to learn physical chemistry-a book that works as a textbook and not as an encyclopedia. Where appropriate, there is some focus on mathematical manipulations, providing students with a review of calculus applications as applied to physical chemistry.

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