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Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 6th Edition

Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 6th Edition

Book Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 6th Edition is available to download free in pdf format.

Name: Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 6th Edition
Format: pdf
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About Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 6th Edition

Should be on every surface chemist’s reading list.” -Spectroscopy (on the Fifth Edition) Bridging the methodologies of “wet” and “dry” surface chemistry to present surface chemistry as a single broad field, Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, Sixth Edition retains its position as the standard work of surface science. This heavily revised and updated edition provides thorough coverage for students and professionals. New features of the Sixth Edition include: * Expanded treatment of films at the liquid-air and liquid-solid interfaces, with contemporary techniques and macromolecular films * Techniques for tunneling and atomic force scanning microscopes * In-depth coverage of heterogeneous catalysis, including the case of CO on metals * Increased emphasis on the flexible surface and restructuring of surfaces when adsorption occurs * A new chapter on macromolecular films The book begins with the basics of the physical chemistry of liquid-gas and liquid-solid interfaces, including electro-chemistry, long-range forces, and the various methods of spectroscopic and structural study of surfaces. These are followed by descriptive treatments of topics such as friction, lubrication, adhesion and emulsion, foams, and aerosols. Closing chapters present a quantitative approach to physical and chemical adsorption of vapors and gases as well as heterogeneous catalysis. For senior-level undergraduates and graduate students, each chapter presents the basic surface chemistry of the topics with full derivations, end-of-chapter problems, and reviews of recent advances. This book is also an excellent reference for professional chemists interested in applying surface chemistry to their work.

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