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Food Chemistry A Laboratory Manual 2nd Edition Free Download

Food Chemistry A Laboratory Manual 2nd Edition

Book Food Chemistry A Laboratory Manual 2nd Edition is available to download free in pdf format.

Name: Food Chemistry A Laboratory Manual 2nd Edition
Format: pdf
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About Food Chemistry A Laboratory Manual 2nd Edition

A manual designed for Food Chemistry Laboratory courses that meet Institute of Food Technologists undergraduate education standards for degrees in Food Science

In the newly revised second edition of Food Chemistry: A Laboratory Manual, two professors with a combined 50 years of experience teaching food chemistry and dairy chemistry laboratory courses deliver an in-depth exploration of the fundamental chemical principles that govern the relationships between the composition of foods and food ingredients and their functional, nutritional, and sensory properties. Readers will discover practical laboratory exercises, methods, and techniques that are commonly employed in food chemistry research and food product development.

The latest edition presents additional experiments, updated background material and references, expanded end-of-chapter problem sets, expanded use of chemical structures, and:

  • A thorough emphasis on practical food chemistry problems encountered in food processing, storage, transportation, and preparation
  • Comprehensive explorations of complex interactions between food components beyond simply measuring concentrations
  • Additional experiments, references, and chemical structures
  • Numerous laboratory exercises sufficient for a one-semester course

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