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General Chemistry

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Name: General Chemistry
Format: pdf
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About General Chemistry

General Chemistry has been written with the aim of removing the ‘burden of studying chemistry’ from the minds of the students and readers. It is written in a lucid and easy-to-understand language and is envisaged in such a way that every reader would find it enjoyable while studying the subject. It deals with the fundamentals of various topics in chemistry starting from the first principles and proceeds in order to discuss quantum chemistry, thermodynamics and thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, photochemistry, chemical equilibrium, chemical bonding, ideal gas laws and van der Waal’s gas equation of real gas, properties of solutions, phase rule, acids and bases, electrochemistry, colloidal state, chemistry of s-block elements and their useful compounds, main group chemistry, chemistry of coordination compounds, chemistry of lanthanides and actinides, solid state chemistry, chemistry of hydrocarbons and their derivatives and chemistry of synthetic and natural polymers.

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