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Midlife Magic Hunter by Shannon Mayer

Midlife Magic Hunter by Shannon Mayer

Book Midlife Magic Hunter by Shannon Mayer is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Midlife Magic Hunter by Shannon Mayer
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Shannon Mayer

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About Midlife Magic Hunter by Shannon Mayer

Would you like an extra helping of hot flashes to go with that midlife crisis? Yeah, I thought not. And yet, here we are. Burning down buildings.

You know, dating in your forties should be easier. Should be. But it really isn’t. My first date in I don’t-know-how-long is broken up by my ex-husband. I mean, he’s dead, but still.

Then a cryptic note from a voodoo queen.
A siren who can’t keep it in his pants.
And a hot fae who seems to be everything I’ve ever wanted. Except that he’s not a certain blacksmith. I can deal, right?

Once more I am up against the dark council, fighting to discover and hide ingredients to a spell that would mean destruction for not only Savannah, but the world. I know who I can trust. And I know who I can’t.

Or so I think. With twisted spells afoot, hidden agendas and dark pathways, you’d think I’d be terrified.
But I’m not, because I have my friends, and they have my back. And my back? I’ve got my Advil for that.

“Whether you’re in your middle age yourself, male, female, you don’t want to miss this series. Mayer has a deft touch to bring you to the edge of your seat, both with emotions and excitement. Do yourself a favor, sit down with this series and just enjoy the magic.” Goodreads Reviewer