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Second Chance Rival by M. Robinson

Second Chance Rival by M. Robinson

Book Second Chance Rival by M. Robinson is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Second Chance Rival by M. Robinson
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): M. Robinson

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About Second Chance Rival by M. Robinson

From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes an enemies
to lovers, arranged marriage, second chance standalone romance.

The only thing I was looking forward to more than marrying my enemy…

Was seeing her pregnant with my baby.

But I guess that’s why I’m the bad boy of my family—but she’s always played the good girl.

If they only knew the things she begged me to do all those years ago, when I was sneaking in
through her bedroom window.

Before I left.
Before I broke her heart.
Before she hated me.

She doesn’t have to love me.
Hell, she doesn’t even have to like me. She just has to marry me to merge our feuding families…

Best part of our contract is we have to produce a bloodline heir.

My reasons for agreeing to an arranged marriage have nothing to do with claiming our

And everything to do with claiming the woman I love.