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SIX … of the best! by James Crow

SIX … of the best! by James Crow

Book SIX … of the best! by James Crow is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: SIX … of the best! by James Crow
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): James Crow

About SIX … of the best! by James Crow

SIX … of the best!
I’m Jonathon Gold. I sell sexual experiences from a mansion in the English countryside. Satisfying the carnal desires of rich clients keeps me active in all the best ways.
But when work grinds to a halt because almost your entire staff is down with flu, including your poor wife, what do you do? You cosy up and reminisce, of course.
While Emma sipped on chicken soup and filled a bucket with snotty tissues, I kept vigil in the armchair by our bed. It gave us time to pause, to look back on the great times we’d had together. Sexy times. Kinky times. Downright filthy times.
“Six of the best,” Emma said, “Let’s choose our best six.”
And she wasn’t referring to the best of our clients. She meant our own personal endeavours to give each other the best sex, kink, and downright filth. The days out and the weekends away, where alfresco thrills and dirty dares were always on the menu.
We whittled it down to SIX of our very best, deliciously filthy stories, guaranteed to warm your bits and then some.