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Small World by Jonathan Evison

Small World by Jonathan Evison

Book Small World by Jonathan Evison is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Small World by Jonathan Evison
Format: pdf epub
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Writer(s): Jonathan Evison

About Small World by Jonathan Evison

onathan Evison’s Small World is an epic novel for now. Set against such iconic backdrops as the California gold rush, the development of the transcontinental railroad, and a speeding train of modern-day strangers forced together by fate, it is a grand entertainment that asks big questions. The characters of Small World connect in the most intriguing and meaningful ways, winning, breaking, and winning our hearts again. In exploring the passengers’ lives and those of their ancestors more than a century before, Small World chronicles 170 years of American nation-building from numerous points of view across place and time. And it does it with a fullhearted, full-throttle pace that asks on the most human, intimate scale whether it is truly possible to meet, and survive, the choices posed—and forced—by the age.