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Snake Oil by Dan Russell

Snake Oil by Dan Russell

Book Snake Oil by Dan Russell is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Snake Oil by Dan Russell
Format: pdf epub
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Writer(s): Dan Russell

About Snake Oil by Dan Russell

Has the evolution of digital marketing placed businesses at the mercy of software companies? Or is there a path forward for businesses who want to regain their independence and create great marketing again?

Digital marketing has been around for over twenty years, yet businesses today are more baffled, bloodied, and battle-scarred than ever. In Snake Oil, marketing scientist Dan Russell offers an entertaining and enlightening joyride back down the hockey stick of digital marketing’s growth over the past two decades. Russell takes readers through the deserts of the Western frontier, flying over a budding Silicon Valley and visiting Einstein’s study in order to discover the secrets to becoming a marketing scientist.

With the knowledge contained in Snake Oil, entrepreneurs and business owners will be able to navigate the murky waters of digital marketing, squeeze more profit from their sales funnels, focus on projects that are verifiably important, and build a highly-scalable marketing operating system inside their business.