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The Falcon’s Eyes by Francesca Stanfill PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Falcon’s Eyes by Francesca Stanfill

Book The Falcon’s Eyes by Francesca Stanfill is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Falcon’s Eyes by Francesca Stanfill
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Francesca Stanfill

About The Falcon’s Eyes by Francesca Stanfill

Willful and outspoken, sixteen-year-old Isabelle yearns to escape her stifling life in provincial twelfth century France. The bane of her mother’s existence, she admires the notorious queen most in her circle abhor: Eleanor of Aquitaine. Isabelle’s arranged marriage to Gerard — a rich, charismatic lord obsessed with falcons — seems, at first, to fulfill her longing for adventure. But as Gerard’s controlling nature, and his consuming desire for a male heir, become more apparent, Isabelle, in the spirit of her royal heroine, makes bold, often perilous, decisions which will forever affect her fate.

A suspenseful, sweeping tale about marriage, freedom, identity, and motherhood, THE FALCON’S EYES brings alive not only a brilliant century and the legendary queen who dominated it, but also the vivid band of complex characters whom the heroine encounters on her journey to selfhood: noblewomen, nuns, servants, falconers, and courtiers. The various settings — Château Ravinour, Fontevraud Abbey, and Queen Eleanor’s exiled court in England — are depicted as memorably as those who inhabit them. The story pulses forward as Isabelle confronts one challenge, one danger, after another, until it hurtles to its final, enthralling, page.

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