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The Good Turn by Sharna Jackson

The Good Turn by Sharna Jackson

Book The Good Turn by Sharna Jackson is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Good Turn by Sharna Jackson
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Children Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Sharna Jackson

About The Good Turn by Sharna Jackson

Josephine Williams is definitely a leader – and her teachers know it! What other eleven-year-old is desperate for MORE schoolwork? Looking for more challenging tasks, Josie enlists her friends Wesley and Margot into her very own Scout troop, the Copseys, named after the street they all live on. Together they start their quest for their camping badge by sleeping out near to the abandoned factory behind their houses. But that night they stumble across something strange. Someone seems to be living in the derelict building! The Copseys have to solve the mystery… and perhaps earn their bravery and activism badges along the way… Perfect for readers who love Robin Stevens and Katherine Woodfine, and full of fast-paced adventure, brilliant characters and snappy dialogue with themes of real-life activism and how to help others.