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The Good Years by Nick Russell

The Good Years by Nick Russell

Book The Good Years by Nick Russell is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Good Years by Nick Russell
Format: pdf epub
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Writer(s): Nick Russell

About The Good Years by Nick Russell

The Roaring Twenties. A prosperous era of flappers, bootleggers, speakeasies, bathtub gin, and women pushing the conventions of society. These are the things the newspapers are talking about. But that is only a small part of what is happening. Not everyone is celebrating the good times. For most people, life goes on as it always has, though maybe with a few new conveniences.

With the Great War behind him, Lucas Morgan is content to return to Tinder Street and start raising a family with his wife. Still haunted by nightmares of things that happened on the bloody battlefields of France, Lucas tries in vain to help his younger brother Samuel overcome his own demons from those same battlefields.

Life continues its ebb and flow on Tinder Street in the first half of the decade. Automobiles are quickly replacing horses, Elizabeth McNally and her daughter Rachel are busy tending to their midwife duties, and the McNally children are now young adults. Thomas McNally has left the production department of the News Bee and is making a name for himself as a crusading reporter focusing on the criminal element running rampant in Toledo. His younger brothers are facing their own challenges and triumphs as they make a place for themselves in a world vastly different from that of their parents and those who have gone before them.

Meanwhile, Jacob Wirtz has coaxed his estranged wife back to the family farm following the death of his abusive father and hopes to pick up the pieces of his shattered dreams. But he discovers that they are two very different people who want very different things from life.

Through it all, the McNally family tends to their own and their neighbors on Tinder Street in a tale of life and love, change and tradition, sharing tears of heartbreak and joy.

The Good Years is the second book in New York Times bestselling author Nick Russell’s Tinder Street Saga, a story he has felt compelled to write and has researched for years.