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The Soul Crier by Becky Gaines

The Soul Crier by Becky Gaines

Book The Soul Crier by Becky Gaines is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Soul Crier by Becky Gaines
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Becky Gaines

About The Soul Crier by Becky Gaines

A banshee trapped in a curse.
A noble soldier with a secret.
A killer who controls their fate.
Only two will survive the night.

Invisible to everyone except Red Death’s victims, Wraith has served as his banshee for ten years. His curse forces her to play his game of music and murder while winter slowly starves their world. After singing hundreds of victims to their deaths, any hope she had of breaking her curse is as dead as everyone’s hope of seeing spring reborn—until the impossible happens.
A soldier sees her before her curse activates.

Dovan welcomes her into his life, treating her with kindness instead of trying to kill her like the other victims of her song. Desperate to understand why he’s different, Wraith risks getting closer to him, drawn to a life she can never have. Banshees don’t fall in love, and Red Death won’t be denied his kill. But something’s weakening the curse, giving her a chance to change their fate.
Save Dovan’s life, break her curse, or end winter—Wraith can only choose one.