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The Truman Quest by D S Bruce

The Truman Quest by D S Bruce

Book The Truman Quest by D S Bruce is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Truman Quest by D S Bruce
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): D S Bruce

About The Truman Quest by D S Bruce

Private investigator, Garry Leary and 15-year-old nephew, Ray, are hot on the trail of a missing person, Truman, last seen in the town of Brookdale-on-Sea. Their wealthy, eccentric client is prepared to use any means at hand to find her brother.
Meanwhile, a new technology company in Brookdale is poised to make the place the next Silicon Valley, with the genius recluse behind it shocking those few people he meets with his outrageous, unintentionally comical behaviour and outlook on life. He holds a secret and may not be quite what he seems.

The Government, Intelligence Services and Military are all in pursuit of the elusive Truman for reasons of National Security. Leary, streetwise and jokey, just wants to make a fast, easy buck, while a troubled Ray is trying to make sense of the feeling of being “different”, but not in a good way!

The pair find themselves up against ruthless powers within and beyond the town. Will Truman ever be found? Does he even exist? Or are there supernatural forces at play? Whatever the answers, Ray’s life is about to change forever.
A funny, action-packed, whirlwind adventure which explores what it means to be human. In the quest to find Truman, Ray may, finally, find himself.