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Veiled Vengeance by Stella Bixby PDF & EPUB Free Download

Veiled Vengeance by Stella Bixby

Book Veiled Vengeance by Stella Bixby is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Veiled Vengeance by Stella Bixby
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Stella Bixby

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About Veiled Vengeance by Stella Bixby

Here comes the bride, murder on the side. Shayla’s wedding planning is nearly complete—the decorations are on order, playlists set in stone, and the perfect wedding venue has been reserved. Everyone in Seamus’ family has been married at the Ballywick Castle. And a June wedding in Ireland will be breathtakingly beautiful. Until they find out that their date has been double-booked. When Shayla tries to convince the other bride to choose a different date, the bride ends up in a deadly position, and everyone thinks Shayla’s to blame. Between a rapidly growing anti-Shayla group sending threatening letters and trying to clear her name, Shayla has her hands full. Who can she trust? And was she the real target of the murderer? Don’t miss the second book in the Shayla Murphy Mystery Series! Veiled Vengeance is a cozy mystery free of swearing, sex, and gore. Of course, there are dangerous situations and discussion of death and murder, but in the coziest way possible.

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