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West of Hell, Dark Tide Book 2 PDF & EPUB Free Download

West of Hell, Dark Tide Book 2

Book West of Hell, Dark Tide Book 2 is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: West of Hell, Dark Tide Book 2
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): James A. Moore, Michael Burke, R.B. Wood

About West of Hell, Dark Tide Book 2

DEAD MEN by James A. Moore: And the Dead shall rise. Jonathan Crowley is having a problem with dead men. They just keep getting back on their feet. From the ghost dancers at a strange burial site to the corpse of a man he literally just killed, the dead refuse to lay down and die, and now it’s up to Crowley and his traveling companion Lucas Slate to try to figure out why the dead are restless and determined to kill whatever crosses their paths.

THE TRICKSTER OF PARADISE by R.B. Wood: Never trust a cave painting with an agenda.
In the old west, the people of Paradise live in harmony with the local Sioux tribe until the U. S. Army arrives with false accusations and their deeply rooted prejudices. While the strange newcomer known as “Mortimer” watches; a sixteen year old boy and an ancient legend must come together to fight the invaders, save the town and win the day. Can the desires of an ancient legend and the wishes of a young man survive the encounter with Death watching their every move?

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