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Witches of Holy Orchard by Amy Southard PDF & EPUB Free Download

Witches of Holy Orchard by Amy Southard

Book Witches of Holy Orchard by Amy Southard is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Witches of Holy Orchard by Amy Southard
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Amy Southard

About Witches of Holy Orchard by Amy Southard

Fifteen-year-old Meranda Wickstrom has spent her whole life on the island of Oahu, Hawaii enjoying water sports, her friends, and her family. When she survives a tragic accident that claims the lives of her mom and little brother, she and her dad move to Holy Orchard, Massachusetts to live in his childhood home. Meranda discovers that the Grandma she thought had died before she was born is very much alive.

Meanwhile, Grace Zeigler has spent her entire life in Holy Orchard, caring for plants and animals, and being the peacekeeper among her group of friends who are also a practicing coven of witches. Two weeks before Meranda arrives in town, Grace and her friends cast a spell to call a lost witch.

Meranda must learn to cope with the loss of her family, find her place in her new life, overcome her survivor’s guilt, and somehow forgive her dad for lying to her. She must do it all while discovering her own powers as a witch, but someone will do anything to keep Meranda from uncovering her dark family secrets and joining power with the Witches of Holy Orchard.

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