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Did Not Finish by Nicola Marsh

Did Not Finish by Nicola Marsh

Book Did Not Finish by Nicola Marsh is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Did Not Finish by Nicola Marsh
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Nicola Marsh

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About Did Not Finish by Nicola Marsh

Stranded…with my nemesis!

AXEL: It’s bad enough an unseasonal blizzard means I’m stuck with my PA’s annoying cat, but to make matters worse, Mia Samson and her poison pen are in my house too. The renowned reviewer has tanked enough books with her dreaded DNF and I need to teach her a lesson.

But my enemy is not what I expect and if I’m not careful, I’m in danger of revealing my secret to the one person who can use it against me.

MIA: I know people in publishing call me the career-wrecker behind my back. What they don’t know is, I’m writing a novel, and when I’m lucky enough to win a week-long retreat with bestselling Axel Low in quaint Sugar Plain, Nebraska, I’m thrilled.

Until I discover being snowed in with the reclusive grump is merely the first trope my life has turned into, and soon I’m sorely tempted to enact enemies to lovers…

Which one of us will lose the plot first?