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Little Red Wolf by Kenzie Graves

Little Red Wolf by Kenzie Graves

Book Little Red Wolf by Kenzie Graves is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Little Red Wolf by Kenzie Graves
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Kenzie Graves

About Little Red Wolf by Kenzie Graves

When Ruby runs for her life, she thinks she will find sanctuary inside of the forest. Instead, she finds sanctuary in the Big Bad Wolf. Ruby is a natural born She-Alpha and was not the first heir in line to become Alpha of the Red Cove pack. In hopes of finding her mate and becoming an Alpha of her own pack, Ruby transfers to the West Coast pack. Tyson Barons, the Alpha of the pack and Western Sanction, graciously accepts… and has his eyes on Ruby. When her wolf emerges, she goes for a run in the territory and stumbles upon Tyson. The Fated Mate bond forms, and she thinks all of her dreams were going to come true. That is until he uses her body to get what he wants and then rejects her. Angry at his reasoning, Ruby chases after him after he leaves. Tyson sees this as an attack and marks her for death as a traitor to the pack.