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A Gamble Of Gods by Mitriel Faywood PDF & EPUB Free Download

A Gamble Of Gods by Mitriel Faywood

Book A Gamble Of Gods by Mitriel Faywood is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: A Gamble Of Gods by Mitriel Faywood
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Mitriel Faywood

About A Gamble Of Gods by Mitriel Faywood

Kristian del Rosso has led a quiet life, burying himself in research and teaching at the University of St Mark. The arrival of a mysterious killer with supernatural abilities and the bloody massacre of a group of Kristian’s students changes all that. Kristian’s grief and a need for answers drives him to set out after their murderer, prepared to face the man but unprepared for what awaits him at the source of it all.

Conor Drew lives for the thrill of adventure and to explore the delights of as many beautiful women as one man can in a lifetime. Between dangerous jobs for the wealthy aristocracy and powerful figures in the underworld of the Nineteen Kingdoms, he’s seen more than most. And yet it isn’t until his greatest friend and biggest enemy both find him on the same day that his true odyssey begins.

Selena Soto is a woman lost in her own world. She struggles to fit into her existence, to find meaning and purpose—even progress at work eludes her. Meeting the right man might be a good first step, or perhaps just defining what it is she really wants from life. Little does she realise that only her own fears keep her from a destiny that’s greater than she could imagine.
The trio will soon learn that only by working as a team can they solve the puzzle that has drawn them together.

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