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A Loyal Betrayal by N.R. Scarano PDF & EPUB Free Download

A Loyal Betrayal by N.R. Scarano

Book A Loyal Betrayal by N.R. Scarano is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: A Loyal Betrayal by N.R. Scarano
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): N.R. Scarano

About A Loyal Betrayal by N.R. Scarano

The moment King Arthur met Guinevere, he knew she was his destiny, but he fears he isn’t someone the much younger Guinevere could ever love. A man born into poverty who fought his way to the crown, Arthur is a kind king, but at his core, he is a gruff and brutal warrior. But to his surprise, the same tug of fate pulls Guinevere’s heart, and she marries him without hesitation.
Their happiness is too good to last, though, for when a beautiful stranger named Lancelot saves Arthur’s life and becomes one of his most trusted knights, everything changes. Guinevere cannot resist the charms of the handsome warrior, and Arthur’s worst fears are realized. He is losing the one woman he cannot live without.
But Guinevere isn’t the woman legend believes her to be. Fiercely loyal, she knows something Arthur doesn’t. Something that could not only ruin her husband, but all of Camelot, and she is forced to decide if saving her beloved king is worth her life… and possibly her marriage.

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