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Between Light and Shadow by Sara Tonin PDF & EPUB Free Download

Between Light and Shadow by Sara Tonin

Book Between Light and Shadow by Sara Tonin is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Between Light and Shadow by Sara Tonin
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Sara Tonin

About Between Light and Shadow by Sara Tonin

Lena is having the worst summer of her life. Her mom died six months ago in a car wreck, and her work-obsessed dad took a job a thousand miles away in a small Colorado city, leaving her friendless and alone in a new town to start her Junior year of high school.
It only worsens when, during a weekend getaway to an old castle built on a sacred site, Lena falls and cracks her skull open. The doctors chop off her beautiful hair to sew her scalp closed, but now spots flash in her vision, causing migraines and hallucinations that blur reality.
A talking chipmunk named Cooper and a pop-culture quoting classmate, Hayden, are her only friends as she uncovers strange dog-like creatures following her, patrolling the streets, and enslaving homeless people for who-knows-what reason.
When she witnesses the ambush of a homeless man, her rash behavior unlocks her secret magical heritage and reveals the cover-up that will lead her into the shadowy depths of the city to convince Hayden—and herself—of the truth.
Once they discover the evil Kathonith, lord of the underground, intends to destroy the city in less than a week, she must turn to her newfound skills, including the darkest of magics, to save her father, her new friends, and the city itself.

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