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Heart Sworn by Cia Petrichor PDF & EPUB Free Download

Heart Sworn by Cia Petrichor

Book Heart Sworn by Cia Petrichor is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Heart Sworn by Cia Petrichor
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Cia Petrichor

About Heart Sworn by Cia Petrichor

Darkness Shames Us. Magic Claims Us. Love Inflames Us.

The forest is my refuge from the lies of my people and the wounds I keep hidden—but the forest is changing and no one is safe. A monster saves me from the brink of death, his midnight eyes promising more than I ever thought to find. When my father falls ill with a mysterious sickness, I have to race against the clock to find the connection between the secrets of Hellhind Wood—or lose him forever. But my beast has secrets too, with the power to ruin everything.

As the firstborn son of a cruel and greedy lord, my soul was already forfeit. Our crimes enraged an enchantress, cursing everyone I love to a fate worse than death and leaving Hellhind vulnerable. Cursed and surrounded by evil on all sides, I must fight to free my family and right our wrongs. When I save my beauty, she sees beyond the curse, her soul just as broken and lonely as mine. I try to stay away, but our connection refuses to be ignored—and she may be the key to everything.

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