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Kiss Her Slow by Kelly Moore PDF & EPUB Free Download

Kiss Her Slow by Kelly Moore

Book Kiss Her Slow by Kelly Moore is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Kiss Her Slow by Kelly Moore
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Kelly Moore

About Kiss Her Slow by Kelly Moore

What do a grumpy sheriff and a perky midwife have in common? Absolutely nothing…other than an undeniable attraction to one another.
Sheriff Chase Calhoun is a driven man and as loyal as they come. Even though he admits to being a grumpy small-town sheriff, he loves his job and protecting the people in it. When it comes to his heart, though, he keeps a wall around it. The only people he lets in are his family members.
After putting a halt to the corruption in Missoula, things have just started to settle down, leaving him with too much time to think about his past. But then, a damsel in distress with an inexplicable, alluring personality sets her sights on him.
Atley Eastyn uprooted her ten-year-old spunky daughter and mother from Louisiana and hired on to be the new midwife in a place worlds away from the Bayou. When her Land Rover breaks down on a one-way bridge between two towns, she’s left in a position she doesn’t like. Atley has always been a self-sufficient woman, but now she finds herself in a situation where she needs help.

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