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My Funny Holidate by Lana Dash PDF & EPUB Free Download

My Funny Holidate by Lana Dash

Book My Funny Holidate by Lana Dash is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: My Funny Holidate by Lana Dash
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Lana Dash

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About My Funny Holidate by Lana Dash

She wants to make this Christmas perfect for her kids. He’s loved her from afar. With her inn on the line, can they find a way to save the holiday?

After my divorce, I’m left with the two things that mean the most to me… my kids and my inn.
This year I want to make Christmas the best one ever.
But when a new resort nearby threatens to close our doors, my brother’s best friend steps in with a helping hand.
Silas’s kind heart and quick wit keeps a smile on my face when all seems lost.
Will he be my second chance at finding love and saving my inn?

I’m known for two things in this town… my skills as a mechanic and making people laugh.
Working well with my hands helps with the ladies, but there is only one woman who holds my heart.
Loving her from a distance won’t be an option if she’s forced to close her inn.
Eloise brings beauty and light to all around her.
Can I help this single mom and reveal my feelings before it’s too late?

You won’t want to miss out on these heartwarming, humorous, instalove stories, perfect for celebrating the gift of love this holiday season. Go on a date with your next book boyfriend. No cheating. No cliffhangers. Always a happily ever after.

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