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Off Limits by Chelle Sloan PDF & EPUB Free Download

Off Limits by Chelle Sloan

Book Off Limits by Chelle Sloan is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Off Limits by Chelle Sloan
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Chelle Sloan

About Off Limits by Chelle Sloan

A steamy, sibling’s best friend, forced proximity, standalone pro football romance from Chelle Sloan…
Professional football has an actual rulebook, but it’s the unwritten rules that come with the harshest consequences.
The biggest one of all: don’t date your teammate’s sister. And if you do, don’t you dare fall in love with her.
I never meant to fall, but when it comes to Brenna Donald, I never stood a chance. She’s everything I’m not–a light-hearted wild child who shines brighter than the sun. Since that one fateful night in college, she’s had me under her spell—a spell I can’t break.
Not that it makes a difference. Not when she’s the sister of my best friend, the team quarterback. In his eyes, no one is good enough for Brenna—not even me.
I’ve never been one to break rules, but when it comes to Brenna, I’m not just breaking them–I’m taking a sledgehammer to them. I love her, and by some miracle, she loves me too.
To be together, we have to rewrite the book. But can we? Or will we have to pick between playing by the rules or following our hearts?

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