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The Family Outing by Jessi Hempel PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Family Outing by Jessi Hempel

Book The Family Outing by Jessi Hempel is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Family Outing by Jessi Hempel
Format: pdf epub
Categories: General English Books,Non Fiction Books
Writer(s): Jessi Hempel

About The Family Outing by Jessi Hempel

Jessi Hempel was raised in a seemingly picture-perfect, middle-class American family. But the truth was far from perfect. Her father was constantly away from home, traveling for work, while her stay-at-home mother became increasingly lonely and erratic. Growing up, Jessi and her two siblings struggled to make sense of their family, their world, their changing bodies, and the emotional turmoil each was experiencing. And each, in their own way, was hiding their true self from the world.

By the time Jessi reached adulthood, everyone in her family had come out: Jessi as gay, her sister as bisexual, her father as gay, her brother as transgender, and her mother as a survivor of a traumatic experience with an alleged serial killer. Yet coming out was just the beginning, starting a chain reaction of other personal revelations and reckonings that caused each of them to question their place in the world in new and ultimately liberating ways.

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