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The Fortune Keeper by Deborah Swift PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Fortune Keeper by Deborah Swift

Book The Fortune Keeper by Deborah Swift is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Fortune Keeper by Deborah Swift
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Deborah Swift

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About The Fortune Keeper by Deborah Swift

Count your nights by stars, not by shadows ~ Italian Proverb
Winter in Venice
Mia Caiozzi is determined to discover her destiny by studying the science of astronomy. But her stepmother Giulia forbids her to engage in this dangerous occupation, fearing it will lead her into trouble. The ideas of Galileo are banned by the Inquisition, so Mia must study in secret.
Giulia insists Mia should live quietly out of public view. If not, it could threaten them all. Giulia’s real name is Giulia Tofana, renowned for her poison Aqua Tofana, and she is in hiding from the Duke de Verdi’s family who are intent on revenge for the death of their brother. But Mia doesn’t know this, and rebels against Giulia, determined to go her own way.
When the two secret lives collide, it has far-reaching and fatal consequences that will change both their lives forever.
Set amongst opulent palazzos and shimmering canals, The Fortune Keeper is the third novel of adventure and romance based on the life and legend of Giulia Tofana.

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