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The Immortal’s Guide to Supervillainy PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Immortal’s Guide to Supervillainy

Book The Immortal’s Guide to Supervillainy is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Immortal’s Guide to Supervillainy
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): M.E. Thorne

About The Immortal’s Guide to Supervillainy

This battle shall reach its inevitable conclusion — and the final triumph will belong to Doctor Undying!
I changed the face of the world, creating a paradise for superhumans. All it took was throwing a fight and spending forty years in jail. That was a small price to pay as an immortal. But now that I’m out on parole I fully intend on enjoying the world I created.
When the parole board stuck me in a scared straight mentorship program, I decided to turn the tables against them. I would teach the two beautiful, badass women in my care not to be repentant heroes or good citizens, but instead, I would help them become true supervillains. Under my tutelage, I would see them rise to become world-shaking terrors!
Of course, no plans go off without a hitch. Some fool decided to steal my archive of mad doomsday weapons and turn them against me. But no matter! With my villainesses beside me, I will strike horrible vengeance upon them.
Let the world tremble, for Doctor Undying has returned!

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