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The King’s Huntress by Jaymie Voogt PDF & EPUB Free Download

The King’s Huntress by Jaymie Voogt

Book The King’s Huntress by Jaymie Voogt is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The King’s Huntress by Jaymie Voogt
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Jaymie Voogt

About The King’s Huntress by Jaymie Voogt

In a world ruled by vampires, everyone has time, except Cece. Her life has always been calculated and saved so she could reach her immortal birthday, which was now fast approaching. But it has only caused a domino effect of chaos. Cece has the vampires of the south wanting to drink her dry, the north wanting her dead before her immortal birthday, and now the faeries that haven’t been seen in centuries are back in the realm for her head. Things become worse when the North King is something more than the enemy. Cece is now on a mission to find out who she is with the help of the Lycan Prince. Now secrets are surfacing while trust begins to break. Will she survive until her birthday? Or will she become the monster everyone fears?
This book is filled with vampires, witches, lycans, fae, the devil and demons. Some tropes include: chosen one with enemies to lovers, forbidden love, touch her and you die and bodyguard trope.

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