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The Show by Lulu Moore PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Show by Lulu Moore

Book The Show by Lulu Moore is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Show by Lulu Moore
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Lulu Moore

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About The Show by Lulu Moore

As any true sports fan will tell you, once you have an allegiance to a team it’s set in stone. It’s unwavering. It’s finite. You never leave.
Yet somehow, I’ve been asked to do just that.
To set aside my love for The Yankees and take ownership of The New York Lions – the worst team in Major League Baseball.
Oh, yes, and turn them into winners.
An impossible job I don’t want, from a gift I couldn’t get a refund on.
But bring me a challenge and I will rise to it… Never, in all my thirty one years, have I shied away. And, technically, I still haven’t.
Because, technically, I haven’t accepted this particular challenge. Or two.
Enter Lowe Slater. The woman of my dreams. The woman I’ve loved from afar since I knew what love meant. My sister’s best friend and the one who’s been tasked to help me.
Twenty-five years I’ve kept Lowe at arm’s length. Now she’s everywhere I go.
I have a team to build and somehow I’m doing it with Lowe by my side.
The walls I’ve so carefully constructed are falling down brick by brick, and soon it’s not just the Commissioner’s Trophy at stake.
It’s my heart, too.

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