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Thrill Switch by Tim Hawken PDF & EPUB Free Download

Thrill Switch by Tim Hawken

Book Thrill Switch by Tim Hawken is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Thrill Switch by Tim Hawken
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Tim Hawken

About Thrill Switch by Tim Hawken

A cyberpunk thriller like Ready Player One meets The Silence of the Lambs
Detective Ada Byron is pumped to be assigned her first murder case–until she sees the crime scene. Someone has been killed exactly the same way as her father was seven years earlier. But, impossibly, he died using VR and the programmer responsible is still in prison.
To see if this is a copycat or something more sinister, Ada must confront her father’s killer: the enigmatic Jazlin Switch. What she discovers will change the face of both the real world and the metaverse forever…

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