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Blood Song by Hollee Mands PDF & EPUB Free Download

Blood Song by Hollee Mands

Book Blood Song by Hollee Mands is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Blood Song by Hollee Mands
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Hollee Mands

About Blood Song by Hollee Mands

Ruthless assassin Gabriel has little fear and even fewer scruples. Every head has a price, and every hunt is a thrill. He saunters through life on a tightrope, mocking fate and defying death with every step. So when he’s forced to hunt down and deliver a prophesied blood sacrifice, Gabriel has no reason to expect trouble. Until he realizes just who the mark is—a wildcat of a woman with dark eyes and an even darker secret…
She may be voiceless, but she speaks to his soul, and giving her up may be a cost too steep to bear.
Shyaree has lived her whole life under the weight of a terrible sin and the shame of her Changelessness. When her brother falls prey to a curse, healing him is her one chance at atonement. Only she never expected to be kidnapped by an arrogant and insufferable fae. She can’t trust him or his bargains…or can she? He’s a cutthroat bent on using her, yet working with him may be the only way to survive…
He demands her blood, but she can’t deny the way he calls to her body, or the danger he poses to her heart.

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