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Crimson Hunter by Samantha Whiskey PDF & EPUB Free Download

Crimson Hunter by Samantha Whiskey

Book Crimson Hunter by Samantha Whiskey is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Crimson Hunter by Samantha Whiskey
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Samantha Whiskey

About Crimson Hunter by Samantha Whiskey

I’ll do anything to save her.
As an immortal, elite Hunter with the ability to stop time,
I’ve never lost a battle.
Until her.
Grace is gorgeous, smart, and has zero fear of all six and half feet of me.
But she’s the last person I should be falling for.
First, she’s human.
Second, she’s dying.
And stopping time won’t save her.
When she becomes my enemy’s latest target, I make it my personal mission to keep her safe.
Having her close is a blessing and a curse, and the more time we spend together,
the more I realize our fates are intertwined in more ways than one.
But the outside threat is the least of my problems.
Her heartbeats are limited, and I can’t fathom my eternity without her.
The only cure is a sliver of hope packaged in a nightmare–it’ll either heal her or kill her faster.
Together, we’ll have to decide whether to savor the precious weeks we have, or risk it all for our chance at forever…
Before our enemy decides for us.

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