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His Silver Lining by Megan Wade PDF & EPUB Free Download

His Silver Lining by Megan Wade

Book His Silver Lining by Megan Wade is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: His Silver Lining by Megan Wade
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Megan Wade

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About His Silver Lining by Megan Wade

Dottie moved to Whisper Valley on a whim when she fell in love with the small town’s picturesque scenery and friendly locals. Setting up her tattoo business and taking on the restoration of the local vineyard seemed like a happy existence for the eternally single thirty-something. But of course, something was missing. Despite how full her life was, she still had a lonely heart.
When her older brother meets his soulmate and marries in a whirlwind of mishaps and passion, Dottie starts to dream of something more for herself too. And when her brother’s best friend, Theo, asks her to save a dance at the wedding, her hopeful heart is starting to beat out a tune about soulwinks and magical gemstones that she can’t ignore.
Through ups and downs, a missed opportunity and an overprotective sibling, these two somehow manage to find their way to each other. But if Theo can’t pass the soulwink test, Dottie’s heart is going to be crushed. Does she really want to know? Or does she want want to enjoy this man while she can?
As with all Megan Wade books, this Whisper Valley romance comes with her Sugar Promise. High heat, low drama, guaranteed.

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