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Jingle Bells & Mistletoe by Sammi Cee PDF & EPUB Free Download

Jingle Bells & Mistletoe by Sammi Cee

Book Jingle Bells & Mistletoe by Sammi Cee is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Jingle Bells & Mistletoe by Sammi Cee
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Sammi Cee

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About Jingle Bells & Mistletoe by Sammi Cee

Jonathan watched all of his friends fall in love, get married, and grow their families. All he’s ever wanted is a relationship as wonderful as the one his parents have always had. Is it possible that he passed up a chance at happiness years ago when he let his fears of pursuing his best friend’s little brother blind him to what could be?
Anson has been in love with Jonathon since the first time he laid eyes on him. At the time, he knew the age gap was too much for the older man, so he flirted hard but never pushed for anything more. When his career path took him out of Takoda, he knew he’d be back someday and hoped that Jonathon would still be on the market.
After the death of his childhood best friend leaves him raising her three-year-old, Anson is home, but is he ready to claim the one man he’s never been able—or wanted—to forget? With the sound of bells in the air and mistletoe dangling from the ceiling, these two men are finally ready and willing for the magic of Christmas to give them their hearts desire, a little family of their own—together.
Welcome to Takoda Outreach Center. Prepare yourself for open hearts, a full belly, and all the love you can handle. In this sixth and final book, check in with all your favorite characters after eight years of living their best lives.

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