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Matteo’s Mettle by Anna Sparrows PDF & EPUB Free Download

Matteo’s Mettle by Anna Sparrows

Book Matteo’s Mettle by Anna Sparrows is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Matteo’s Mettle by Anna Sparrows
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Anna Sparrows

About Matteo’s Mettle by Anna Sparrows

Turning 45, Matteo Brightman is in a rut. He’s a lonely Little looking for a Daddy. Unfortunately, he’s big, buff and tattooed: apparently not the most desirable combination for the available Daddies in the city.
Sick of hearing that he’s too old and too big to be taken seriously as a Little, Matt decides that he’s ready to hang up his onesies for good…until a last hurrah at the local BDSM club gives him hope again.
Meanwhile, 26-year-old London Hayes has zero practical experience with any of the BDSM lifestyle. He’s just doing his best friend a favour, standing in as her Little wife’s caregiver during a themed Littles’ Night at their local club. But, when his eyes land on an extremely attractive older man in a onesie, all bets are off.
But will this older Little take a chance on a completely inexperienced younger Daddy, especially when that Daddy has an undisclosed -and potentially contradictory to the role- kink of his own?

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