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My Kind of Wedding by JJ Harper PDF & EPUB Free Download

My Kind of Wedding by JJ Harper

Book My Kind of Wedding by JJ Harper is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: My Kind of Wedding by JJ Harper
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): JJ Harper

About My Kind of Wedding by JJ Harper

Callum lives a perfect life, his business is booming, and his love for his boy, Mikey, has only grown deeper over the years. But he wants to change one part of their relationship. He wants Mikey to be his husband.
All their friends have gotten married or had a commitment ceremony. Time to take action, and what better time to do it than at Christmas. It is Mikey’s favorite holiday after all. It will the best surprise gift for him. With the help of Mikey’s best friend, Jem, Callum plans the ultimate secret wedding.
Mikey has had enough of Callum’s behavior. All the secretive phone calls eat into their special time and leave him neglected and disgruntled.
When Mikey sees Callum coming out of an exclusive high-end shopping mall, he’s even more confused. And angry. He confronts his Daddy, demanding an explanation.
Will Callum have to confess and include Mikey in the wedding plans, or can he bluff his way out of it?
My Kind of Wedding is a 22k finale to the HeavyLoad! Series. It can be read as a standalone. Mikey and Callum’s story is told in My Kind of Man.

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