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The Coven of Ruin by T. K. Tucker PDF & EPUB Free Download

The Coven of Ruin by T. K. Tucker

Book The Coven of Ruin by T. K. Tucker is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: The Coven of Ruin by T. K. Tucker
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): T. K. Tucker

About The Coven of Ruin by T. K. Tucker

It is a misunderstanding, a matter of mistaken identity, that decides her fate. Though she’s committed no crime, Trista has been condemned by the gods to die in their Arena, entertainment in the form of slaughter.
No longer the bloodthirsty god of his youth, Ares rarely attends The Blood Gauntlet. But when his father summons him, he’s resigned himself to a spectacle he takes no pleasure in. However, the presence of an untrained witch among the prisoners provides a rare opportunity—the chance to irritate Zeus.
Saved by a god. Championing for a witch. Nothing will ever come from either offense because they’ll never see each other again.
None have forgotten the blood-soaked history between the witches and the gods, least of all Zeus. When whispers of curious happenings in Witch Country reach The God King’s ear, he sends his greatest weapon. A threat to Olympus is a threat to Zeus after all, and there’s only one god he sends to crush such an opposition.
The world is not so small, nor the Fates so mischievous, as to force their paths to cross again. But a life debt owed can’t go unpaid… can it?

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