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A New Light by Katie Winters PDF & EPUB Free Download

A New Light by Katie Winters

Book A New Light by Katie Winters is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: A New Light by Katie Winters
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Katie Winters

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About A New Light by Katie Winters

It’s New Year’s Eve in Bar Harbor — and the Harvey Sisters open their arms to another year of possibilities, heartache, and hope.
Kim celebrates the holidays with the Harvey Sisters. At seventy years old, she’s no less wild and adventurous than she was in her twenties. In her mind, she will never get old. Everything changes on a beautiful New Year’s afternoon, when she gets on her snowmobile to ride home like always — but is run off the road and into a tree.
Everything in Kim’s world goes dark. For a full month, she’s trapped in a coma.
When Kim wakes up, she can’t walk or talk. She is lost, afraid, and completely unlike her former self — and unsure if she will ever find herself again.
Meanwhile, Heather’s daughter, Kristine, moves to Bar Harbor after a particularly painful breakup and the loss of her business career. With nothing to do all day and nowhere to put her anxious mind, she seeks refuge in helping Kim around the house — where she learns that she and seventy-year-old Kim have a whole lot more in common than she thought.

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