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Arranged Wolf Bride by Ruby Knoxx PDF & EPUB Free Download

Arranged Wolf Bride by Ruby Knoxx

Book Arranged Wolf Bride by Ruby Knoxx is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Arranged Wolf Bride by Ruby Knoxx
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Ruby Knoxx

About Arranged Wolf Bride by Ruby Knoxx

I’m the arranged bride of the enemy. It’s my punishment for being an outcast.
Our packs are at the brink of war. They solve it “the old way”: through an arranged marriage.
I’m supposed to live with the enemy, to warm his bed.
To do the things that mates do, not enemies.
I’m a human born to shifter parents. I’ve never shifted.
I’ve been ridiculed for it my whole life, was the lowliest of the town.
I expected my new husband to treat me like hell too.
But no matter how much we bicker, we always make up.
His touch heals me, stroking my thighs and teasing my shame.
His eyes follow me, wanting to command me and make me his.
His muscular arms guard me, protecting me against my abusive ex.
I’m scared of the way he lays my heart bare, of the little life growing in my belly.
Do I dare give us a chance?
The she-wolves of the Silverstar pack would make every woman jealous. They live in a beautiful small town and are surrounded by hot alpha wolves who will fight for them to get the ultimate prize: their mate’s true love. Come and visit, but don’t stay too long, or you might not want to leave…

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