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Earning His Eden by A.M. McCoy PDF & EPUB Free Download

Earning His Eden by A.M. McCoy

Book Earning His Eden by A.M. McCoy is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Earning His Eden by A.M. McCoy
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): A.M. McCoy

About Earning His Eden by A.M. McCoy

Yes Sir.
I’ve taken care of everything Sir.
Do you need anything else from me, Sir?
My new assistant had no idea what her words were doing to me. Every time she demurely spoke, looked down at the floor when I gave her instructions, or chewed on her plump bottom lip with uncertainty, I lost another piece of my sanity.
I ached to bite that lip with my own teeth until she whimpered into my mouth.
I lived in a constant state of pain every single day with her at my side.
Pain radiated through my body from my need to own her.
To worship her.
To please her.
To dominate her.
The problem was, it had been years since I let my Dom out of his cage. And I had vowed never to open that door again after how it ended last time.
And Eden wasn’t some sub in the lifestyle that knew what she was getting into with a man like me.
No, she was pure, and untouched by the darkness that the world of kink brought out in me. I didn’t deserve her trust or innocence. I was unworthy of that incredible gift. My hands would stain her perfect snowy skin with the first inappropriate touch.
Her curves made my mouth water.
My fist longed to wrap her long copper hair around it and force her to her knees.
My soul ached to help her find her confidence with praise and punishments suited for pleasure.
Hers and mine.
But I knew I couldn’t give in to my desires. It was impossible.
Yet, with each minute that she spent in my personal space, the need to possess her grew inside of me until I broke, giving into the monster that called to me from the shadows of my soul.
But once I had her, I’d never let her go. I was going to own her forever.

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