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Extreme Heart Makeover by Ellie Hall PDF & EPUB Free Download

Extreme Heart Makeover by Ellie Hall

Book Extreme Heart Makeover by Ellie Hall is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Extreme Heart Makeover by Ellie Hall
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Ellie Hall

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About Extreme Heart Makeover by Ellie Hall

Is there such a thing as a meet ugly?
Let me back up a beat. At a party last month, I thought I’d met the one: Mr. Mysterious. Mr. Handsome. Mr. Grooves. We danced together, flirted, and had fun. Bess + Cassian = Forever. Then I never heard from him again.
Still single, I officially move to Butterbury. True to form, I arrive with a bang. As in crash-boom-bang. My trusty but rusty pink Cadillac slides sideways into an Escalade. That particular SUV belongs to Mr. Angry. Yes, the same mister.
To say that was the beginning of an unfortunate series of events is an understatement. I learn that my services aren’t needed at the job that brought me to town. My rental floods, and I accidentally douse the mayor with a bucket of water.
Okay, the last one wasn’t entirely innocent, but he uses his power to torment my family and friends. Who’re amazing by the way. My siblings offer to bail me out. However, I’m here to make my way and not take handouts—they’re already full of makeup brushes and hair styling tools.
Oh, and there aren’t any openings at the local salon. So what’s a resourceful gal like me to do? Take a job as a housekeeper. It comes with room and board. To my shock, it’s for Mr. Cassian Megabucks. I mean billionaire. I mean Mr. Cassian Smith.
The guy I wanted to be my Mr. Right. Then, in addition to cooking and cleaning, he asks me to be his fake missus to a wedding. It’s a magical, unforgettable night. But he does forget me. Again.
We’re opposites in every way, but maybe after I dust away these cobwebs I can makeover his heart and convince him to give love a chance.

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