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Fiona’s Fantasy by Kirsten Osbourne PDF & EPUB Free Download

Fiona’s Fantasy by Kirsten Osbourne

Book Fiona’s Fantasy by Kirsten Osbourne is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Fiona’s Fantasy by Kirsten Osbourne
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Kirsten Osbourne

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About Fiona’s Fantasy by Kirsten Osbourne

Fiona Jefferson knew all she needed in life was to be married, and she’d be happy. She imagined dancing with her husband under the moonlight. She wanted twelve children, six boys and six girls. But first she needed a husband. Unfortunately, she knew every man in town from their two-thousand-mile journey along the Oregon Trail, and none of them appealed to her.

When she talked to her friends, Emma and Henri, about her situation, they both responded with the same man, one she’d already considered and decided wasn’t for her.

Sam Appleby knew he was in love the first time he saw Fiona in Independence, Missouri. Unfortunately, he was too quiet to do anything about it. His younger brother did all the talking for both of them, and half the other men on the trail.
When Fiona and Sam were set up by Emma and Henri, they immediately felt a connection. Within a week they were married. Everything was great for Fiona except she didn’t believe he loved her. She hoped one day he would say those three words, but within a few months, she’d almost given up hope.

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