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Hats off to Love by Kathryn Andrews PDF & EPUB Free Download

Hats off to Love by Kathryn Andrews

Book Hats off to Love by Kathryn Andrews is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Hats off to Love by Kathryn Andrews
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Kathryn Andrews

About Hats off to Love by Kathryn Andrews

From bestselling author, Kathryn Andrews, comes an all new full length standalone, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy, that will leave readers who love fake dating your best friend’s brother, witty banter, and spicy scenes craving for more…

If you ask anyone to describe the great state of Kentucky, odds are they’ll most likely answer you with “Bourbon and horses,” but if you ask Rosie May, the only thing she’ll ever respond with is “Derby hats.”

Big hats. Small hats. Elaborate hats. Simple hats. You name it, she loves them all. Every. Single. One. Because of this, she’s always known she would one day own a Derby hat store. At twenty-five, she’s back in her hometown of Louisville, and her dream has finally come true. With the season officially underway, her brand-new shop is gorgeous, the inventory is stocked, and she’s ready to go. Her only problem is William Stokes Whitlock III.

Stokes is tall, insanely handsome, heir to one of the largest thoroughbred farms, and her best friend’s brother. He’s also annoying, incredibly boring, arrogant, and for over half of her life, her sworn enemy. Only now, it seems he needs a favor. As for why, he won’t say.

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