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Her Second Chance Wolf by Ariana Hawkes PDF & EPUB Free Download

Her Second Chance Wolf by Ariana Hawkes

Book Her Second Chance Wolf by Ariana Hawkes is available to download free in pdf epub format.

Name: Her Second Chance Wolf by Ariana Hawkes
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books,General English Books
Writer(s): Ariana Hawkes

About Her Second Chance Wolf by Ariana Hawkes


Back in high school, Blake Waldgrave was my nemesis. Now he’s back in my life. Hotter than ever, and… interested in me???

I had a rocky past—dumped in a cardboard box by my family, and so broken I’d never be able to shift. But I’ve got my sh*t together now. I’m no longer the strange little bird that nobody wanted.
Sure, I’m never gonna turn into a swan, but I’ve got a bunch of crow feathers protecting my heart, and people who depend on me.
And there’s no space in my life for my old bully.
Even if he’s desperate to make amends.
Even if he sets me alight with every burning glance.
Even if he keeps insisting we’re fated to be together…


She was the girl who took down the whole football team.
And I’ll never forgive myself for the way we treated her in return.
She was mine. My beast knew it right away. But I was young, dumb and cruel. And I let her get away.
Now she’s back in my life—spikier, cooler and more beautiful than ever.
Fate has given me a second chance, and there’s no way I’m going to waste it this time.

This is a totally SAFE, steamy insta-love romance, featuring an obsessed, possessive hero. If you love reading about reformed high-school bullies, and second-chance romances, you’ll love Blake and Elinor’s story.

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